Summer & Winter
Japanese Program
in Kyoto


Ritsumeikan University offers programs for undergraduate and graduate students with minimal knowledge of the Japanese language, providing a comprehensive introduction to Japanese language and culture.

Ritsumeikan Summer/Winter Japanese Program (RSJP/RWJP) is a five-week program, while Ritsumeikan Summer/Winter Japanese Program Express (RSJP/RWJP Express) is a two-week intensive program.

All of these programs consist of two major subjects: intensive Japanese language class, which provides them with a thorough introduction to the language, and Japan Studies classes, where you can learn about Japanese culture and take part in fieldwork to cultural spots in Kyoto.

You will have various opportunities in our programs to learn Japanese language and culture as well as interact with our Ritsumeikan BUDDYs. 

Interested in Japanese food, temples and shrines, and Japanese history? Kyoto has everything you’re looking for. Come and study in an environment surrounded by the wonder of Kyoto, the center of Japanese culture.


We will arrange your own program according to your demands. We listen to anything you wish to have your students experience at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto.