2024 RWJP Application Form (On-site Program) 

Required documents:

Please make sure each document is less than 1MB to submit successfully.

If your file size exceeds 1MB, you can compress it into a smaller file size using websites such as: Ex. https://www.ilovepdf.com/

1. Essay (by Handwritten)
  • Please download from below.
  • No translation machine allowed. This will NOT affect the screening process.
  • Please write it on your own so that we can evaluate your exact Japanese level and assign you into suitable levels.
2. Letter of Consent (Pledge)
  • Please download from below.
  • The participant for the Ritsumeikan Summer/Winter Japanese Program shall accept the following items and submit a letter of consent.
    During a program, if the Participant should violate any of the matters,Ritsumeikan University may direct him/her to withdraw from the Program with no refund.
  • 1) The Participant shall understand the purpose and objective of the program and participate in Japanese classes and other activities with an active and diligent attitude.

    2) The Participant shall restrain from any actions that will dishonor RU and the university that he/she belongs to.

    3) During the Program, the Participant shall be aware of being a program participant and shall behave in a good manner.

    4) During the Program, the Participant shall follow the instructions by the university staff, shall abide by the law, and shall not disturb public order.

    5) Screenshots, video and audio recordings must not be made without Ritsumeikan’s prior permission.

    6) URLs, materials and other resources must not be shared or disclosed to anyone other than official participants who have paid the fees.

    7) URLs, materials and other resources must not be disclosed on social media.

    8) The content of online lectures may not be published, broadcast, reused or redistributed under any circumstances or in any way.

    9) Ritsumeikan is not responsible if participants are unable to take part in class for a reason beyond Ritsumeikan’s control.

    10) Changes to the number of participants may be made only if approved by Ritsumeikan prior to the start of the program. The number of participants in the program cannot be changed after the program starts, or without the approval of Ritsumeikan.

    11) University staff and faculty members can observe the program free of charge as observers with prior permission from Ritsumeikan.

3. Health Certificate
  • Please download from below. See the Instruction PDF below for details.
4. Copy of Passport
  • If you do not have one, upload any file writing you will apply for a passport.
5. Certificate of Enrollment (issued by your home university)
  • The Certificate of Enrollment is an official document issued by your home university that shows you are currently enrolled in your home university. Please ask your university advisor or office to receive one.
6. Official Transcript (issued by your home university)
  • Please ask your university advisor or office to receive one.

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