Why Ritsumeikan?

Global Japanese University

Why Ritsumeikan?

One of Japan's Top Global Universities

Ritsumeikan University promotes education and research collaboration with world-class universities and institutions. The number of partner schools we have is top-class in Japan. 

#3 Private University in Japan

#141 QS Asia University Ranking 2020

2,000 International students every year

459 Partner universities & institutions

Located in the Center of Cultural City, Kyoto

Our campus is located in the north west part of Kyoto city, right next to Kinkaku-ji. It is close to all the major tourist spots like Ryoan-ji, Nijo-jo Castle, Imperial Palace, bamboo forest in Arashiyama, and so much more. Just hop on a bus or train after school and you can travel to all the beautiful tourist spots. 

Ranking & Facts

Highest number of students sent abroad

The number of Japanese students sent to study abroad based on university agreements is the highest in Japan. (Japan Students Services Organization's Survey on Japanese students studying abroad based on student exchange agreements, etc., in FY 2017".)

Schools and Student Clubs

Ritsumeikan University has 18 undergraduate colleges and 20 graduate schools that span the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. There is also a wide variety of activities with more than 430 clubs and circles.

2,000 International Students Every Year

Ritsumeikan University has around 2,000 international students from 70 countries and regions enrolled in any given year.

World Wide Network

RU has agreements with 459 universities and institutions in 68 countries and regions around the world. In addition, RU promotes education and research collaboration with world-class universities and institutions, both in the humanities and sciences.

Short-term Winter and Summer Japanese Programs

Japanese class

Language and Cultural Exchange

Tour to Japanese
Cultural Sites

Interactive Learning
with Buddies

Short-term Programs Overview

The Summer & Winter Programs are designed for undergraduate and graduate students with minimal knowledge of the Japanese Language.
It provides students with comprehensive introduction to Japanese language and culture. 

Online Summer & Winter Program (RSXP/RWXP)

  • Designed for undergraduate or graduate students with minimal knowledge of the Japanese language.
  • Two-week intensive online program (all classes on zoom)
  • Program fee JPY 35,000 (approximately US $300)
  • Provides students with a comprehensive introduction to Japanese language and collaborative learning.
  • Two major classes of this program:
    1. Japanese language class (students will learn Japanese from experienced professional teachers)
    2. Collaborative learning class (students will interact with Japanese post and undergraduate students to practice what they have learned)
  • The goal of this program is to acquire practical oral communication skills in Japanese.

On-Site Summer & Winter Program (RSJP/RWJP)
Due to the Covid situtation, we currently are not holding on-site programs.
However, we are planning for next year’s Summer Program in 2022.
We will keep you updated in our website. 

Classes in this program
(all online)

*subject to change

Japanese Language Class

  • 1,350 minutes total (50 min × 3 classes × 9 days) 
  • For zero beginner ~ N4 level Japanese learners 

Collaborative Learning Class

  • 720 minutes total (90 min × 8 days)
  • Practice Japanese with our students 
  • content examples: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Grammar, Vocabulary, Dialect, and much more 

Reviews and Voices of
Past Participants

Hearing the speech of native Japanese speakers is a precious chance. I can hardly have a native Japanese language teacher in my country. Also, I see and use Japanese everywhere here in Japan, which helps me to learn a lot.

The buddies are all very kind and lovely. In the initial stage of the program, I knew little Japanese so I seldom talked to them. After a few weeks, I started to communicate happily with them.

Experiencing Japanese culture really enriched my knowledge and understanding of Japan.

We can experience great culture from this program while we cannot experience when traveling on our own.

I was able to learn many local expressions.

I was able to see with my own eyes the way japanese live, work, and entertain themselves.

Why Ritsumeikan?