2022 Ritsumeikan Summer Japanese Program Express 1 (RSJP EXP1)

2022 RSJP Express 1 (RSJP EXP1)

Program Overview

Program Period (On-site) -CANCELLED-

July 5 ~ July 15, 2022 (2 weeks)

Pre-Application Period

April 1 ~ April 14, 2022

Application Period

April 15 ~ May 14, 2022

Please be informed that the program may be cancelled due to COVID-19 situations.
We will send you an email with further details on April 15th, Friday, 2022 JAPAN TIME.
We appreciate your understanding and patience in advance. 

*Program contents are from past programs. 

Please understand they are subject to change due to COVID-19.

Program Date July 5 – July 15, 2022 (2 weeks)
Level Zero, Beginner, Intermediate (N1 holders are NOT able to participate)

JPY 173,400
Includes the following:
-Program fee
-Service fee
-Accommodation Fee (students will be asked to stay in designated accommodations for safety)

EligibilityCurrent university students/ Postgraduate students
Type On-site
DegreeNon-degree seeking
Teaching MethodTaught in Japanese (Direct method)

Program Description

Japanese Language Class  *Taught in Japanese

  • 50 min × 3 classes × 9 days = 1,350 min = 22.5 hours
  • Class contents: Conversation, reading, writing

Japanese Culture Class (Japan Study)

  • 90 min × 4 days = 360 min = 6 hours 
  • Class contents: lectureon/ fieldwork relating to Japanese culture
  • Fieldwork to various cultural spots (ex. Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizudera, and many other World Heritage Sites and cultural experience spots in Kyoto)
  • Special lectures done by masters well respected in their fields

What's included

Accommodation Guide

Due to the safety regulations of COVID-19, we ask participants to stay in the designated hotel.

Click below to see detailed accommodation guide. 

Schedule *subject to change


16:00 Arrival and Check in 


11:00 Orientation, Campus Tour
12:00 Lunch with BUDDY
14:00 Japanese Class
16:00 Welcome Party


09:00 Japanese Class(#1)
12:00 Lunch with BUDDY
13:00 Japan Study


09:00 Japanese Class(#2)
12:00 Lunch with BUDDY


09:00 Japanese Class(#3)
12:00 Lunch with BUDDY
13:00 Japan Study


09:00 Japanese Class(#4)
12:00 Lunch with BUDDY
13:00 Japan Study


09:00 Japanese Class(#5)
12:00 Lunch with BUDDY


09:00 Japanese Class(#6)
12:00 Lunch with BUDDY


09:00 Japanese Class(#7)
12:00 Lunch with BUDDY
13:00 Japan Study


09:00 Japanese Class(#8)
12:00 Farewell Party
Check out

Daily Schedule

Japanese Language Class9:10-12:00
Lunch with Buddy12:00-13:00
Japan Study (Fieldwork)13:00-15:30


Ritsumeikan Buddy

What is a buddy?
     -Japanese buddies of your age will be here for you to support your life at Ritsumeikan.
     -It will not be a 1-on-1 system but they will assist you in groups.
     -They will only speak in Japanese so that you can fully immerse in the Japanese language.

What’s the merit?
     -Opportunity to practice Japanese and learn about Japanese culture
     -Interact and learn about recent Japanese pop culture, words young people use, anime, and many other topics. 
     -Make life-long friends that you can meet even after program ends
     -Chance to explore the city together 

Sneek peek

Japan Study
WADAIKO Japanese Drums




Close to World Heritage Sites
Our campus is located in the north west part of Kyoto city, right next to Kinkaku-ji.

It is close to all the major tourist spots like Ryoan-ji, Nijo-jo Castle, Imperial Palace, and bamboo forest in Arashiyama.
Just hop on a bus or train after school and you can travel to all the beautiful tourist spots. 

→ See the wonder of Kyoto
Why Kyoto?

2022 Ritsumeikan Summer Japanese Program Express 1 (RSJP EXP1)