Ritsumeikan Summer Japanese Program Online 2

■Items required: (*=mandatory)

– Handwritten Essay (In Japanese preferred)
– Certificate of Enrollment*
– Photo ID* (ex. passport, student ID, etc.)*
– Letter of Consent (Pledge)*
– Self-introduction in Japanese (No videos, voice record only)

(The essay is for us to know your Japanese level so please use your own words and do not use Google translate.
If it is too difficult to write in Japanese, you do not need to submit one.)

■What to talk in the self-introduction (IN JAPANESE): (about 2 minutes)

If you are a zero beginner in Japanese, you do not need to submit this. 

-University name
-Choose one of the below topics: 

        1. What you hope to study in Japan.
        2.Why you chose to study Japanese.
        3.Your future career and how you wish to use Japanese.
        4.Your hobbies.


■After sending the application, an automated email will be sent to you. 


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