RWJP EXP Application Form

RWJP EXP (On-site Program) 

Required documents:

  1. Handwritten Essay
    -Please download from previous page.
    -No translation machine allowed. This will NOT affect the screening process.
    -Please write it on your own so that we can evaluate your exact Japanese level and assign you into suitable levels.
  2. Letter of Consent (Pledge)
    -Please download from below.
  3. Certificate of Enrollment
    -The Certificate of Enrollment is an official document issued by your home university that shows you are currently enrolled in your home university. Please ask your university advisor or office to receive one. 
  4. Copy of Passport
    -If you do not have one, upload any file writing you will apply for a passport.
  5. Health Certificate Form
    -Please download from below. See the Instruction PDF below for details.
  6. Official Transcript issued by your home university

    Personal Information

    * = Mandatory


    First name(*)

    Middle name

    Last name(*)

    Date of Birth(*)

    Year Month Date

    Current Mailing Information(*)




    Health Information

    Please indicate any special dietary, medical requirements, or allergies you may have.

    Emergency Contact Information(*)
    Emergency Contact Person(*)


    Japanese Education Background(*)

    Japanese Language Courses in Progress or Completed

    List the following information for each formal Japanese Language Courses you have or will complete. Please let us know your physical hours, not credit hours, minutes nor number of days.

    Class Name Physical Hours From To Institution
    / /
    / /
    / /

    If you studied Japanese outside of university, (such as in high school or at a language school) please list the course(s) you have taken including hours of study and the name of the institution.

    Please list all the text books you have used, including the chapters of each book you have completed.(*)

    Textbooks Completed Chapters
    Japanese Language Proficiency(*)

    Speaking Listening Reading Writing

    Japanese Language Proficiency Test
    Test Level Score Year

    Upload your documents(*)

    Please upload all required documents to complete your application. File sizes must be less than 1 MB each.

    Essay(pdf/gif/png/jpg/jpeg) Enrollment(pdf/gif/png/jpg/jpeg)
    Passport(pdf/gif/png/jpg/jpeg) Consent(pdf/gif/png/jpg/jpeg)
    Transcript(pdf/gif/png/jpg/jpeg) Health Certificate(pdf/gif/png/jpg/jpeg)

    Please download and read our "Matter of Observed" and sign before uploading.

    I hereby declare that the information provided is true and correct. I also understand that any willful dishonesty may render for refusal of this application or immediate termination of participation.

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