Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Is there visa support?

Yes, we offer visa support for those wishing to join our on-site programs. However, we do not provide the visas; the Japanese government will provide them to you.

Q. Do I need a visa to join this program on-site?

It depends on which citizenship or passport you have. If you are of a nationality from countries that require a visa, please see below link for visa application. Students from visa exempted countries will not need a visa.

This program is about a month-long program so you do not need a student visa; you can enter with a tourist visa.
For other visa related inquiries, please contact your embassy.
Visit website for more detailed information about visas. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan short-term stay 

Q. When will Japan reopen its border after the Covid pandemic?

We are not sure as of now. Please check border agencies or your local embassy or the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan websites for more information. 

Q. Is there credit provided by the Japanese programs?

No, we do not provide credits. This is a non-degree program. However, some universities may be able to issue credits so please contact your home university beforehand. 

Q. What is the level of the online Japanese program?

Our online program is for zero beginner to N4 level Japanese learners. For details check here. 

Q. What is the level of the on-site Japanese program?

Our on-site program is for zero beginner to N2 level Japanese learners. For details check here. 

Q. Where is the campus located at?

Our campus is located in Kyoto City, Japan. It is of walking distance to World Heritage Site Kinkaku-ji and one minute walk to Ryoan-ji Temple. There is everything you need from shopping areas, karaoke, neko-cafe, restaurants, and much more all within 30 minutes by bus. transportation in Kyoto is also very convenient. There are also 17 World Heritage Sites and more than 2,500 temples and shrines within the city. See here for a map. 

Q. What can I experience in the online program?

There will be Japanese language class where you study Japanese by our teachers, and in the colloaborative learning class you will be able to interact with our students and practice Japanese. Details

Q. What can I experience in the on-site program?

You will be enrolled in an intensive Japanese language class and also participate in Japan Studies classes to learn about Japanese culture. You will also be able to take part in field works in the city of Kyoto and go around World Heritage Sites. Details

Q. Can I join the program alone?

Yes, you can join alone and befriend many people from all around the world. Joining with your friends is also welcome!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)