Pre-Arrival Guide

1. Visa Procedure

Do you have your visa ready? 

A visa is required for students of some nationalities, so please contact your nearest Japanese embassy or local consulate for detailed information. You will need to complete the visa application in the country where your current university is located in.

If you are required to obtain a visa for entry to Japan, follow the procedures below.

1. Contact the local Japanese embassy or consulate in the country where you currently study.

2. If you have not yet notified the RSJP/RWJP program coordinators, notify the coordinators immediately that you will need to apply for a visa.

 3. Collect all documents specified by the local Japanese embassy or consulate.

4. Participants who already paid their program fee will receive a document titled “Notification of Acceptance” from the International Center, with our supporting visa documents for the application.

5. Submit documents from No.3 and No.4 to your local Japanese embassy or consulate. 

※ Please note that the necessary visa for this program is a short-term tourist visa, not a student visa.

2. When and where should I arrive?
- Airplane Tickets

We recommend participants to arrive at Kansai International Airport (KIX), as it is the closest international airport to Kyoto, at least one day before the program starts.

3.Travel Insurance

This program does not cover travel insurance. 

You MUST enroll in an international travel insurance before your departure to Japan. 

Please submit your travel insurance information along with your flight schedule by the deadline.

 In case you need to visit a hospital while in Japan, you will need to pay the full cost of the medical examination and any medication prescribed. 

You can apply for reimbursement after leaving Japan if your insurance covers the costs, so make sure to save all receipts.

4. Things to Do/Things to Bring






Living expenses will vary, depending on students’ individual lifestyles, but approximately JPY 60,000 is considered adequate to cover monthly living expenses. 

※ Please note that personal checks are not used in Japan. 

 ※ Credit cards and debit cards issued by overseas financial institutions can be used to make withdrawals at Japan Post Bank ATMs and convenience stores, located throughout the
country. If you also have a card with a PLUS mark on the back side, you can withdraw cash at ATMs.

※ Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted cards but cannot be fully guaranteed that it can be used in all stores. We recommend you to have cash at all times since buying bus and train tickets can only be done by cash in most stations. Please check with your credit card company if your card can be used for transaction in Japan.


There are NO pre-paid mobile phone/rental mobile phone/rental SIM card /pocket WI-FI services available for students at Ritsumeikan University. However, free WI-FI is available within the campus and SIM cards can be purchased at some convenience stores.


Participants are advised to bring their medications if necessary for the amount of days you will stay in Japan. If you are bringing in prescription of more than a month’s amount, you will need to apply for a “YunyuKakunin-sho” before departure and after booking your flight. It is said to take around 3 business days for the application to go through. For more information on “YunyuKakunin-sho”, please refer to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website for the procedures

List of things required for application:
・Personal information
・Flight ticket/information
・Name of medicine, usage, dosage, manufacturer name
・Prescription description from your doctor
・Medicine description/ catalogue

・In case you are bringing it with you on the flight (baggage), a copy of the “carrying goods detention certificate” issued by customs (in Japanese : 手荷物の場合、税関が発行した「携帯品留置証」のコピー).


Please confirm the details with the websites of MJHL(Ministy of Japan Health and Labor).